Samsung Galaxy S 2 4G

Samsung Galaxy S II 4G is a nice phone, good battery life (if you don't watch too much video), snappy and perfect size, with a superb display and excellent all-round performance.

South Korean Smartphone manufacturer Samsung has said that its iPhone rival the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G will get an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

The samsung galaxy s latest version ofAndroid has been launched recently, running on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Naturally the question on a lot of lipsis... "When will existing samsung galaxy s pro phones get thenew software?"

Samsung Galaxy S Review

Sometimes the best place to get an answer like this it to spy on Twitter, which is precisely what some users have done and a reply has appeared.

Smartphone vendor, Samsung tweeted, "Hi,good news - the Galaxy S II will be receiving ICS Ice Cream Sandwich, but there are no dates confirmed as yet.We will keep you posted."

It's short and sweet, but at least Samsung has confirmed that one of its most popular smartphones will get ICS, as we assumed it would.

With Samsung Galaxy S 2, you are getting the best Android phone on the market, by far. It may also be the best smartphone on the market, PERIOD; even if we think this ultimately comes down to personal preference.

The samsung Galaxy S review phone combines one of the biggest and best screens on the market, with blazing performance, functional, stable software and decentbattery life.

If you want an easy-to-use smartphone with all the basics, get the Apple iPhone. But, if you want a customizable, Open-Source Desktop Computer that fits in your pocket, GET THE Samsung Galaxy S II